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A nossa mais recente coleção, o preço mais baixo para a liberdade de vestir

The PTXBC brand concept

PTXBC  has been committed to creating an independent, intellectual and inspiring brand image for many years. She has always defended the use of artistic language to interpret the concept of quality of life for modern women and, at the same time, has injected art into the expression of fashion. Based on the brand culture, create a new unique amateur cultural circle of "PTXBC  ", bring together the cultural characteristics of independent urban women, spread a clothing culture with their own attitude, and constantly interpret and express the unique design style and ideology of brand .

Diversity and Inclusion at PTXBC

At PTXBC , we make multiculturalism our strength. By being open to hearing different voices and accepting new ideas and perspectives, we are equally tolerant of different cultures, which helps us to provide the right service to clients from different backgrounds. Therefore, we welcome employees from different backgrounds and strive to create an inclusive and diverse work environment. It also helps us work towards a common goal of learning from the best and absorbing the best.
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